Philosophy & tools

I am Considered a balanced trainer, which in its simplest form refers to dog training or behavior modification involving the use of both reward based techniques & aversive consequences. In other words, I teach dogs that their choices and behaviors Have a direct effect on them.

Being balanced in your RElationship with your dog provides both “yes” & “no” feedback. Dogs need clear rules, boundaries & consequences in order to correctly navigate this foreign world we expect them to live in. Remember English is a second language for dogs, it is our job to develop a language we can share with them. Providing our canine companions with good leadership and a foundation of learned skills is what makes a well-behaved member of the family. I believe in educating owners in order to help them develop this conversation with their dogs.  With commitment, consistency & structure, I will help you & your dog evolve into a great team

I use a variety of different tools in order to engage dogs in a “Yes” & “no” conversation. I teach dogs a language that is then transferred back to the owner so they are able to achieve the same conversation at home.

CLICKERS- A clicker is used to “mark” correct behavior. Using this small hand held device we are able to create a consistent sound. When your dog hears it, they know they have achieved the correct behavior. The “click” is followed with a reward so your dog will continue to repeat the behavior. Think of a clicker as “taking a picture” of the behavior you want your dog to repeat.

PRONG COLLARS- Prong collars can provide owners instant leverage & control over their dog. Used properly, prong collars provide an excellent way of gently communicating pressure to your dog. Teaching your dog how to respond to this pressure allows you to gain better control when working with or walking your dog.


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REMOTE COLLARS- Remote training collars act similarly to prong collar in that they provide a way of communication using pressure with your dog. Using these tools, you are able to layer over known commands with the remote collar’s stimulation in order to gain off leash reliability & control over your dog. Think of remote collars as your invisible leash!

FOOD DRIVE- Building food drive helps to keep your dog motivated! In order to train our dogs, we need something for them to work towards. Food is a generally universal reward for most dogs. You use food to reward dogs for achieving behaviors & letting them know that they have done something correctly.

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CRATES- All dogs should know how to stay calmly in a crate. You never know when you may need to use one; boarding, management of behaviors, emergencies. Crates provide a safe space for your dog to go to & also helps to stop any unwanted behavior when you are not available to supervise your dog. Dog training is not just about teaching wanted behaviors, but also stopping the unwanted ones from happening in the first place.

PLACE COT- These raised beds help keep your dog stationary, yet also be part of the family. The “place” command is one of the most popular behaviors taught. It allows you to obtain “calm on command”. This means wherever you are, you can put your dog on “place” & they will calmly rest there until you release them.