$765*- (8 sessions; 2 sessions 1.5 hrs to include review of tools, 6 sessions 1 hr each) you will learn to replicate our stay & learn program in your home. together we will teach your dog the 5 basic commands; heel, sit/stay, down/stay, place & recall. we will also teach you how to layer over these commands with a remote collar, so you & your dog will have the freedom of off leash RELIABILITY! each week, you & your dog will build upon the lessons that were taught previously, this will build a strong foundation & understanding of the behaviors learned.

This program is appropriate for owners that simply want to have a dog that listens better, as well as dogs that require more intensive behavioral MODIFICATION. please be aware that some behavioral modification may require more sessions.

*PRICE Includes a prong training collar fitted for your dog. price DOES NOT INCLUDES A REMOTE TRAINING COLLAR WHICH RANGES FROM $190-$250 DEPENDING ON YOUR DOG’S NEEDS. Price does not include a place cot which can range from $25-$80 depending on size & style.